the NAIL BAR: pamper yourself


With the ever evolving times, women have become more independent. They have ventured away from the house to focus on their careers and to socialize. Women, just like men, have discovered that they too need a home away from home. However, lounges and bars, though amazing for girl’s night out, can be overwhelming and tiring. These modern females want a place where they can get pampered, relax, step away from the daily hassles of life and talk.


That being said the Nail Garden Franchise along with
Ryans Virtual Design Inc., combined the ambiance of a lounge
with a female’s desire to feel special. What they came up with is a highly modern nail bar, an oasis where females can leave the house for a whole day of pampering and just to have girl’s day out.


Just like the men’s barbershop, today’s modern day nail bar has become a place where females of all ages congregate to. It has become a place where certain taboo topics are spoken freely and with so much detail that men are left blushing. In addition, the club-like feel of the nail bar has given women an artistically crafted cocktail that appeals to their sensitive female senses:
sight, touch, and taste. The white plush chairs, modern furniture,
and high-vaulted ceilings, along with the soft tones, cool and calm guests and makes them feel like they’re in a spa hanging out with the girls.
Combined with the bar area, all they want to do is kick off their shoes
and relax their feet with a drink in hand.


Due to the constant expectations they set for themselves in addition to the everyday responsibilities family, work, and life tasks them with, they want and need this weekly get away. Be it to recuperate, to unwind, to recharge,
or to just relax, these ladies want to get out of the house.
And what better place than a beautifully crafted area that was designed to make women feel happy and relaxed.


Using that as a focus point, Ryans Virtual Design Inc. has helped Nail Garden develop a franchise prototype design, working drawings, specifications, and concept updates to their growing franchise nail bars located throughout Los Angeles and Ventura County while at the same time maintaining consistency throughout the Nail Garden building roll-out program. This is evident as seen in the spaces built which are both aesthetically pleasing and budget conscious.


Furthermore, Ryans Virtual Design Inc. worked closely with Nail Garden to understand their requirements and help them best achieve their franchise roll-out expansion goals efficiently and on schedule, while maintaining a high level of quality. In addition, due to years of experience with prototype roll-out construction, the team of Ryans Virtual Design Inc. has given Nail Garden the ability to quickly adapt prototypes to each location’s specific requirements. In fact, they still work continuously with Nail Garden to improve existing store concepts and refine future building designs while maintaining their specific criteria and brand identity: provide clients indulgent nail care in a warm atmosphere.


So no matter why they go and whom they go with, the nail spa has become a go-to place for the women of today and will continue to be a go-to place as long as the people of Nail Garden keep selling what women want:
comfort and luxury at a reasonable price.

NAIL SPA RULES: What happens in the nail salon stays in the nail salon.



When it comes to remodeling or buying,

many people are on the fence of which one to choose.

It’s simply more than just deciding between Italian tile or Chinese porcelain

tile; between contemporary or country style kitchen; between marble or

granite, real wood or laminate wood. Opting to rebuild or remodel rather

than buy is a big decision. So before you pick a builder or sign on that dotted

line, examine the option of designing and building in cyberspace

construction. You can analyze the pros and cons at fraction of the cost,

then focus on what will ultimately benefit you.

should you REMODEL or BUY

For those who love the thought of having a custom home built to suite their

needs, there’s probably nothing better than doing so. In today’s market

remodeling a home can definitely be a financial win fall. In fact, the

intelligent owner, conscious of how much they invest in a major remodel can

double their investment in home equity.


1. With virtual reality software, Ryans Virtual Design can help you visualize your home with your specific tastes and personal touches before it is built.

2. The cost of demolishing or remodeling your home is less than you may think. The national average cost of a major remodel is at a historic low, with low interest rates, depressed construction cost and governmental rebate programs offering many incentives. This cost is of course based on location, size of the house, and other factors.

3. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found the average cost of rebuilding a new single-family home totaled approximately 250K to 350K.

4. Many homeowners are opting for second story additions to maximize square footage with out loosing recreational yard space.

5. No need to do research on new schools or desirable neighborhoods.

6. You and your family can continue enjoying those
holiday bar-b-que’s with the neighbors!


1. It can take months to build a home and temporary housing may be required during the construction period. An average home remodel can take up to six months to complete.

2. A complete tear down or major remodel of the house requires a lot of invested time, pre-planning and solidifying project finishes can help expedite construction time and minimize change orders.

3. Site preparation when beginning construction can require unforeseen city permit requirements and pre-existing electrical and plumbing issues.

4. Most first-timers don’t understand the costs needed to invest in remodeling their existing home which is where Ryans Virtual Design
can come in and walk you through the entire process
from concept design to final construction.

For some people buying an existing or new home rather than remodeling is

often the more sensible proposition. In fact, in a perfect world, buying your

dream home can be as simple as picking up milk at your local grocery store.

All you have to do is grab your local real estate book, contact the listed realtor

for the property, and have your offer accepted…that’s in a perfect world.

However in reality, there are a lot of factors to consider and what will offer

the most return on investment and that decision depends on how long you

plan to stay in the house. Hence, if you plan on staying in the house for five to

ten years, remodeling or building new will benefit you as a homeowner.


There are certain key features that should be considered for resale.

Remodeling Magazine indicated that you’re more likely to get back what you

spend on basic home maintenance such as new siding and energy efficient

windows. According to this study, siding and window replacement can

recoup about 93% of its cost. Replacing roofs were also high on the list,

returning about 80%. Another home improvement likely to return more at

resale was kitchen and bath remodel, which returned about 94%. at

resale. In fact, the kitchen and bath are areas where you can tell if

if money has been well spent or not because these areas are the most

expensive rooms of the home in terms of construction. In addition, they’re

where people spend more time in their home.

All these factors are based on the market value of houses in your immediate

neighborhood and the housing market where you live. So if you’re not

planning to move in the near future, invest your money on remodeling in a

way that you’ll most enjoy because in all honesty, for most homeowners,

home improvement isn’t just about return on your investment; it is also

simply about making dreams come true. Ryans Virtual Design allows clients

to visualize their projects from concept to creation

at a fraction of the cost prior to construction.

We offer ideas that suit your home wish list, your

neighborhood and your budget. Keep in mind that a successful renovation

is a team effort between Owner, Architect/Designer and Contractor.

Whether you use your own imagination or employ our professionals

to assist you, renovating is the secret to a beautiful and

comfortable home without the need to relocate!



I had an idea of adding a master suite to my 1950’s bungalow style home in the View Park community of Los Angeles. I must tell you I first had this idea in 2011, but it did not materialize until 2014 when a friend recommended Ray. I had shopped around for architects over the years, but none made me feel more comfortable than Ray Ryans. Ray not only designed a master suite, but in the end he redesigned my entire house; so my simple room addition became a major remodel. Talk about stress, at times I thought I would walk away from the whole thing. But Ray with his staff at Ryans Virtual Design at times held my hand every step of the way. Not only did he spend many long hours in the planning phase, helping me understand; what’s and why’s of building design and code. He and his staff were there during the entire project. Ray took a homeowner remodeling novice and gave me the tools and confidence, to let him create a home behind anything I first imagined. I recommend Ray to all my family and friend that have any and all types of projects, from home remodels to designing their new business offices; Ryans Virtual Design Architecture Firm consistently gives
them the same trustworthy, professional and friendly service I received.
~Charles Harper

“Ray Ryans of Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. was the architect for our complete home renovation.
After our initial and enjoyable meeting with Ray, he helped us with the overall design of our new house,
guided us through the process of contractors, provided us with extensive 3-D modeling of his design to realize our vision, and remained involved during the construction phase until completion of our gorgeous new home.
It’s rare, we think, to find an architect who possesses the qualities needed to both design a tastefully re-constructed house, but also be patient, courteous, super creative and supportive during the entire build of your house.
Ray Ryans did an outstanding job on our house. He realized in every way possible the potential we imagined for our 70 year-old home. Ray added over 600 sq. ft. of extra space, re-configured the entire layout of the house,
and managed to incorporate not only everything we dreamed of having, but so much more that we never thought possible. The larger rooms now are beautiful, light, open, intelligently realized, and so completely creative,
while at the same time managing to be warm and personal and functional. Ray helped us get the house we dreamed of having! Because this is the first time we have done a home renovation, it meant a great deal to us
that Ray shared a vision for our house – in terms of its practicality due to our young child,
but also beauty and potential. On all three accounts, Ray was equal to the task!
We particularly love the gorgeous open kitchen, high-arched ceiling in the media room, a stunning new master suite, and large open spaces so fantastic that we don’t know yet what to do with all of them!!
We recognize that many architects could have designed our house. But what Ray Ryans of Ryans Virtual Design can offer is a passion for your home, and a promise that he is equal to the task of fulfilling its promise in the absolute standard of honesty and integrity to which he clearly holds himself.
It was said once, “There is a magic in that little word, home; it is a living mystical circle that surrounds,
comforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits; “Well, if this is true, our home thanks Ray Ryans from the bottom of its heart. And so do its happy owners!!
~Ethan & Dee Lawrence


Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.
217 West Alameda Avenue, #203
Burbank, CA 91502

Ryans Virtual Design allows clients to visualize their projects from concept to creation.

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Fairfax Supplying the “Diamond Life”

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. was privileged to be the design architect of the new location for the Diamond Supply Retail Store in Los Angeles. The Brand has invaded Los Angeles in a major way. The popular apparel, footwear, and skateboard equipment brand celebrated the opening of its five thousand square foot LA Fairfax District Flagship store recently. With Diamond Supply’s exclusive special releases, the shop is no stranger to lines that wrap around the block or the unannounced pro-skater, artist, or athlete, stopping by to pick up the latest releases. Under Nick Tershay’s signature design and aesthetic, Diamond Supply Co. maintains a strong focus on delivering skateboarding goods with high integrity and matching quality, keeping true to its roots and remaining unchanged for over 17 years.


The Fairfax District is a small Midtown neighborhood with a long history as one of Los Angeles’ primary centers of Jewish culture. This district is emerging to become the new Melrose of retail innovation, hosting and eclectic mix of retail, entertainment, dining and art galleries and is often visited by entertainers and sports professionals alike. This energy inspires long lines of shoppers excited about getting the latest limited release gear and often creates such a social network buzz it can shut the street down. There have been several block parties where patrons will will set aside areas of the street and enjoy the freedom of doing what they want how they want, a true block party.

In 2006, Diamond Supply Co. opened its first doors just a few doors down the block from this new location which was originally the famed Soloman’s bookstore and the Schwartz bakery. You can’t even talk about this area these days without mentioning the skating and street-wear culture that has become so prominent, its eclectic mix of old and new, Kosher delis and bakeries easily intermingled with several new street-wear shops.

Real estate experts say the change is part of the inevitable evolution of the Fairfax district, where the aging Jewish population has declined and a new generation of younger professionals has moved in. A blend of retail, entertainment, dining and mixed-use residential-commercial development is bringing new life to this avenue.

Ryans Virtual Designs (RVD) challenge was to transform this historic book store into a dynamic focus worthy of a Diamond Supply Flagship destination. RVD drew its inspiration from skate parks with multi-levels of retail shopping experience. The existing barrel vault ceiling lent itself to high ceilings and exposed structure.

The transformation presented many challenges with congested area parking and the increased square footage. RVD conducted extensive research reviewing record archives and communicating with previous architects dating back to the sixties many had retired or passed away. RVD uncovered documentation that supported a strong case for the mezzanine area to be presented to Design Review Board and Planning Department for approval. It developed into a long and methodical process that proved successful.

Highlighting the brick wall surfaces brings in the gritty vibe that the skater clientele community appreciates. Their signature diamond design is represented throughout the store from the concrete floating staircase with its slick metal railing that leads you up to the loft display area, to the company’s signature custom stained diamond patterned flooring and the custom styled diamond shaped furniture & fixtures in the signature color of tiffany blue. This unique design is a reflection of the Brands exclusive one of a kind, “Simplicity is Brilliance”. Diamond Supply Company Flagship Fairfax Store will become a new staple in the Los Angeles skate shop Mecca and a destination for locals and visiting guest.

8.0 Slide 18.1 Slide 2These are just a few photos of the renovation stages for you to enjoy.

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.
217 West Alameda Avenue, #203
Burbank, CA 91502

Ryans Virtual Design allows clients to visualize their projects from concept to creation.

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Family-Friendly Restroom Areas; Family Lounges

Major mall developers, corporate offices, commercial buildings and public spaces, such as airports, museums and theaters just to name a few are now creating family-friendly restroom areas, known as Family Lounges. This new trend has evolved out of the requests from young new families just spending the day at the mall, and needing some private areas that these typical spaces previously did not offer. Families are finding Malls to be destination locations for social relief in secure facilities catered to their specific family needs. Families can comfortably spend multiple hours a day while keeping their children engaged and safe in these designated areas.

This new Family Friendly trend has evolved into implementing other amenities such as family dining, family parking, designated play areas and often times even live entertainment; which encourages those online shoppers to visit the mall and join in on the activities. Retailer Developers such as GGP, Westfield, Macerich and Simon, as well as major retailers like Nordstrom and Macy’s are promoting family shopping experiences.

This new twist for spacious family-friendly facilities is very helpful for parents of opposite sex children, such as a father with a young daughter, or a mother with young sons and are also a convenient option for individuals with special needs. They feature secure areas for toddlers and private rooms for nursing mothers. This has proven to be a true benefit for single parent shoppers with multiple children, providing a secure area while offering private rooms with audible cognition and visual security of siblings with a secure place to unleash some of that childhood energy.

Ryans Virtual Design worked with Mall Developers to design and develop these Family Friendly destinations. Comfort and safety were the main elements of the family friendly lounge design. The comfortable and functional layout enhances the modern, simple and elegant bathroom design for toddlers during potty training transition. RVD incorporated modern bathroom design concepts that include child height friendly sinks, toilets, and baby changing stations require a thoughtful , delicate approach and strong physiological consideration. They must offer a low maintenance, sterile, germ free environments while maintaining an inviting colorful child friendly atmosphere. These family lounges are also accounting for disabled parents providing fully accessible accommodations for physically challenged parents and children, radically changing a trip to the loo for the better!

The décor is maintenance free, colorful, fun, light and inviting for all ages, many include colorful wall murals, playful visuals, interactive toys and child scaled furniture to accommodate the younger children while giving the adult a clean space they can appreciate. The goal of these facilities are to provide Parental relief in a safe yet inviting child friendly environments. According to JCDecaux of North America “Shopping Malls have become the most frequented location for Americans after home and work”. Most American families will spend two to three hours each visit and often include dining, making the Mall a very important component in America’s social experience. Many Developers now recognize that many of their future customers will be born from these child friendly social destinations. Parents can witness their child’s development from diapers to potty training, and Disney Store interest to Forever 21 obsessions, evolving to teens gathering place with friends for hours.

The use of 3D modeling was a valuable tool for this projects development allowing Developers to effectively validate proper room allocation and material selections. Ryans Virtual Design utilized this design tool which allowed Executive Staff to visualize the project’s conceptual design at a fraction of the cost prior to construction. The Client was able to explore multiple color palettes and make many visual modifications prior to construction by use of this technology. It also assisted the contractors and fabricators bidding process while enforcing the projects design intent and identified value engineering options for the finish and material selections. The overall experience has proven to be a rewarding and successful compliment to these Family Lounges. view_A

These are just a few photos of the projects developmental stages

for you to enjoy.

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.

217 West Alameda Avenue, #203

Burbank, CA 91502


Ryans Virtual Design allows clients to visualize their projects from concept to creation.

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The New Beverly Hills Amorino Gelato Delights!

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. was delighted to be selected as the design architect of the newly opened Gelato Parlor; Amorino first West Coast installation in the very prestigious 90210 zip code location.

02e Interior FinishAmorino_cone

The Parisian Gelato chain with over 100 European locations in Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, and Berlin, has opened its American flagship in the heart of Beverly Hills, CA. Loyal international customers are excited that Amorino has elected to introduce this fine quality product to the American market. Amorino, was founded in 2002 by two Italian childhood friends, the artisan gelato shop prides itself on using top notch ingredients sourced from around the world. The European chains signature Gelato Flower Cone which are made according to traditional Italian methods and select all natural ingredients made with absolutely no artificial coloring or flavors, only authentic ingredients from organic free range eggs to highest grade whole milk.

The new Beverly Hills store features many of the core design elements that are evident in Amorino’s Brand identity. Those external elements include Italian design Storefront, illuminated signage panel with Amorino Cupid logo.

The design retains the majority of the existing contemporary architecture and introduces a high contrast upper signage panel with canvas awning over the existing canopy architectural structure. The existing 13′-0″ storefront including round columns are reconditioned and refinished in a high quality graffiti resistant black finish. The project introduces outdoor seating for twelve allowing customers to enjoy celebrity sightseeing while enjoying year round summer.

The traditional Italian renaissance architecture of Amorino compliments their artisan aesthetic delicacy, which looks to bring a European vibe to South Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills. The crystal chandeliers hanging from the exposed beamed ceiling to rustic natural brick wall give this location a touch of comfortable elegance, which is very indicative of the area. The earth tone venetian plastered walls and black leather banquettes with Italian stone floor create an amazing environment you want to spend some time in. The 37 flavor gelato bar is stocked with decadent gelato and desserts sure to delight your sweet tooth. This space waits for you in the name of “sweetness”.

Ryans Virtual Design worked with Beverly Hills City Council Design Review Board and other local agencies to transform this former Beauty Salon to a restaurant with open air dining area while maintaining the districts high end design criteria and department guidelines. The storefront and outdoor dining three dimensional renderings helped local agencies visualize and approve the proposed concept design. The overall experience proved to be a rewarding and successful compliment to the Beverly Hills dining experience.

These are just a few photos of the renovation stages for you to enjoy

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.
217 West Alameda Avenue, #203
Burbank, CA 91502

Ryans Virtual Design allows clients to visualize their projects from

concept to creation.

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Not Just a Kiosk, but a 300 Square Foot Restaurant!

The Westfield Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia, California is one of Los Angeles County’s most popular shopping destinations! This large, full-service mall features a great mix of stores in both the upscale and moderate price ranges; a huge parking lot; a good selection of restaurants; and a modern, large theater featuring stadium-style seating. Westfield Santa Anita mall which has recently undergone a $20 million renovation, with outdoor “Promenade” district offers a garden retreat featuring a stylish open-air setting. Strategically located directly off the highly traveled 210 Freeway and approximately seven miles from Pasadena, Westfield Santa Anita is the premier shopping and entertainment destination for the San Gabriel Valley, including the affluent neighborhoods of Hastings Ranch, Arcadia and Sierra Madre.

Ryans Virtual Design worked with Westfield developers on establishing a concept design for the Mall’s center court freestanding feature restaurants and dwell point architecture. The transformation included a multilevel open atrium with lush landscape and contemporary architectural features with planned live entertainment and local artisan exhibits.  The design demonstrates combining retail with social gathering. The restaurant selection was carefully chosen to include comfort food that compliments the local growing Asian demographics.

Mikawaya Mochi was selected as the signature comfort food that reflects the flavor of the Malls new environment and culture. Mikawaya has been offering traditional Japanese confectioneries to the communities in Southern California since 1910. Under its family owned leadership, Mikawaya creator of Mochi ice cream has expanded its operations significantly. Now its signature product, “Mochi Ice Cream”, small orbs of ice cream with a coating of mocha, a sweet Japanese rice cake, is sold in many Japanese restaurants as well as supermarkets all over the world, enabling many different people to experience and appreciate the Japanese confectionery culture.

Ryans Virtual Design was selected and pleased to work with Mikawaya to develop a 300 square foot inviting dining experience. It was important to strike a balance of operational equipment and traditional Japanese architecture while maintaining the Malls center court design criteria. With the use of reclaimed woods, low maintenance surfaces, lush landscape and height restrictions, the proposed design went thru several variations requiring senior mall developers approval as well as Mikawaya’s approval. Mikawaya’s concern was that the contemporary design would not alienate the traditional all natural desert recipe. The approval process proved to be a unique challenge followed by a different palette of challenges with local health department and building department approvals.

The final approved designs use of reclaimed woods offered a subtle hint of the past complimented with a splash of contemporary styling, illuminated graphics, layered solid surfaces and tiered retail presentations resulted in a successful form and function. The use of three dimensional imagery helped developers, tenants and local agencies visualize and approve the restaurant concept.

These are just a few photos of the renovation stages for you to enjoy.

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.
217 West Alameda Avenue, #203
Burbank, CA 91502

Ryans Virtual Design allows clients to visualize their projects from

concept to creation.

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Major Remodel or New Home Construction?

Many homeowners seeking larger homes are finding little on the market that seems a good value. Unable to find houses meeting their requirements, they are pulling equity out of their current homes to expand them. Part of the reason homeowners are deciding to remodel their current home is that they are passionate about their neighborhood and neighbors, they also love their schools. These are the ‘known’ elements for most. The low interest rates and increasing demands for household space with low construction costs, along with specific owner needs and desires have ignited the custom home development market. Many of these homes are the maximum height and size allowed.

Low interest rates and lack of inventory continue to make new construction a very popular cost effective option allowing homeowners the ability to build their dreams in neighborhoods once considered out of their budget. We see many projects often demolishing the existing home and building completely new or maintaining a small portion of the existing to qualify for remodel and avoid some of the additional permit fees and taxation.

Calabasas Living Room Completed.EditedFamilyroom10.a Calabasas

New construction allows homeowners to customize every feature to fit their lifestyle and satisfy their dreams. Low construction material costs allow homeowners to build homes less expensive than they can buy and feature the room size and layouts they desire. It also offers homeowners an opportunity to build green with energy saving appliances, high efficiency windows, doors and insulation along with water saving fixtures which help reduce utility cost and typically offer governmental rebates. Storm water runoff can be diverted into landscape irrigating systems and help reduce water usage offering significant savings and increased resale value.

Ryans Virtual Design allows homeowners to build their dream home in cyberspace. This design tool allows clients to visualize their projects from concept to creation at a fraction of the cost prior to construction.

Ultimately the cost effective decision between remodeling or buying new, may depend on how long you plan to stay in the house. Remodeling or building new will benefit most homeowners who elect to stay in the house for an extended period of time and want it to better meet their needs in their current neighborhoods that they trust. These energy efficient new or remodeled homes can offer a greater value and equity win fall as homeowners take advantage of rising housing market and selling a relatively new home later significantly more than it cost to build or using the equity for other investments.

The continued approval and construction of these lot scraps and new custom home construction has initiated legislature to restrict the size and design in some areas that appear to be out of character to the adjacent neighborhood. This anti-mansionization ordinance has taken hold of new and major remodel and threatens tougher measures for proposed multi-story structures. These measures have prompted homeowners to take the plunge and build based on old code guidelines before new legislature restrictions prevent what was once right to code a planning department violation.

Ryans Virtual Design allows clients to visualize their projects from concept to creation.

These are just a few photos of the renovation stages for you to enjoy from our
Computer Generated Conceptual Design Renderings.

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.

217 West Alameda Avenue, #203

Burbank, CA 91502


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The New Automotive “HUB”

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. was honored to be the design architect of the newly opened Mazda dealership is in this very prestigious location. This new automotive center replaces the former Nissan salesroom on the east side of Hawthorne in the city of Torrance. The hefty lot size of over half an acre totaling over 90,000sf now promotes the newly designed 22,000sf sales showroom; alongside a new 16,000sf service area and a 3,200sf parts department warehouse.

The transformation of this aging property formerly known as a Nissan Dealership included a contemporary exterior façade, newly designed open office complex reception center, sales showroom, consultation stations, parts center and café for customer’s convenience. On a second story of the building there is a new parts depot along with a new 3 lane service drive.

The interior is slick and filled with natural light from the floor to ceiling glass exterior walls and glass enclosed office areas where the sales team and customers both enjoy the feeling of an unencumbered space. Sales management, Finance and all offices along the showroom are preferred to be open to the sales area to visually tell the customer that Mazda has “full disclosure”.

The entire exterior now boasts a fast, fun and cool look from the curb inward. Several critical elements combine to grab attention and create attraction from the street level. All customer touch-points in the facility are Mazda blue. Green and orange accents are distinctive to auto row and echo Mazda’s new fast, fun and cool image. The outdoor inventory lot also received an overhaul, complete with new energy efficient led lighting and drought tolerant landscape. The overall effect of the design is fresh and appealing. The second story parts depot presented many developmental challenges as this region is known for its sandy soil. The design required the installation of 40’ caisson to meet seismic stability. RVD’s use of 3D modeling assisted the local Neighborhood Council and Local Building Department Design Review Board approvals. RVD’s use of computer generated renderings also assisted the owners and construction team to visualize the transformation prior to construction. The images allowed Contractors to pre-schedule sub-trade construction and identify any transition challenges.

viewA01It seems Torrance, in South Bay California, is becoming a new “Automotive Hub” for residents in Los Angeles County. Nearly five years after the Great Recession ravaged Hawthorn Blvd., considered one of the nation’s prime stretches of retail real estate, automobile dealerships have led a resurgence of the busy thoroughfare by expanding, investing and creating jobs. Residents of nearby affluent coastal communities such as Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes who frequent Torrance add to the allure. More than 70,000 cars a day clog the eight-lane highway between Sepulveda and Artesia boulevards that’s anchored by two large regional malls — the South Bay Galleria and the newly renovated Del Amo Fashion Center. Nationwide, it’s one of the most desirable stretches of retail thoroughfare. It has the traffic count and the population density businesses are looking for, with the financial ability to pay for goods. As a result, everybody wants to be on Hawthorne Boulevard.

Many new dealerships are rejuvenating this area; there are several new high end luxury car dealerships gracing this area including Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and Audi. These new buildings are not the atypical styles of yesterday, as dealerships are investing in state of the art eye-catching architecture. These new luxury car dealerships are upholding the city’s intentions to attract more upscale retailers and other businesses to the mid-market district.

14These are just a few photos of the renovation stages for you to enjoy from our

Computer Generated Conceptual Design Renderings, thru

Construction to the Finished Project.

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.

217 West Alameda Avenue, #203

Burbank, CA 91502


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Residential Remodel Trends

Remodeling trends have changed over the decades, depending on the homeowners’ needs and demographics. Many homeowners are now opting to remodeling their current home, mainly out of needs for large accommodating rooms in homes that are located in highly ranked school districts which are not always readily available in many of the newer home developments. Still the two hottest trends in home remodeling are master suites additions and open concept kitchens.

With the use of three dimensional software our clients can visualize their design concepts rather than invest time and money into a new property. Owners can customize and make many visual modifications prior to demolition to their current home. This technology assists the homeowner to easily picture their new home along with aiding the contractors and fabricators bid and construct the project design intent with more accuracy.

Master suites need to have a spacious comfortable calming resort like feel for the homeowners to retreat to at the end of their busy days. Organization, functional layout and ample storage space run high on the must have list of a Master Suite remodel.

Suites continue to evolve as buyers take advantage of new technologies. Homeowners are now trending to skipping a tub and opting only for a shower.  These are usually luxurious spa showers that provide the relaxation of a spa experience without the excessive space that a tub can take.  Most homeowners also request two sinks in their vanities so both partners can prepare to meet the day side-by-side.

Families continue to request seamless integration of their kitchens into their living spaces with open floor plans. The kitchen continues to be the popular gathering spot and the nucleus in the home. Large pantries, well-planned custom cabinets, functional layout and energy efficient equipment/appliances have been a particularly common request from homeowners more than just about any other trend in kitchen designs.

Renovating can make your entire home or just a single room more appealing, comfortable, useable and even more spacious feeling. Whether you use your own imagination or employ our professionals to assist you, renovating is the secret to a lovely and comfortable home without the need to relocate.

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.

217 West Alameda Avenue, #203

Burbank, CA 91502


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NoHo Multifamily Renovation

There is a growing demand for luxury apartment complexes in North Hollywood, California. These new complexes offer reasonably priced housing alternative for comfortable living surrounded by the local artistic creative vibe and now recognized in name as NoHo. The Riverton Apartments is a 24 unit apartment complex composed of 1 and 2 bedroom units that were originally built in 1970. The existing Tudor style architecture proved to be dated and a departure from the growing modern styles of architecture of this artistic NoHo district.

Concept Design

Ryans Virtual Design was contracted to revitalize this aging property. The renovation included an updated exterior façade and all interior units; a major challenge! RVD elected to transform the exterior façade with contemporary architecture, colors and contrasting Eco friendly materials.

The computer renderings assist owners visualize the transformation prior to construction. Contractors were able to schedule sub-trade construction and identify any transition challenges. The imagery was also used for the Neighborhood Council and Local Building Dept. Design Review Board approval.

By transforming the building façade, Ryans Virtual Design enhanced the buildings curb appeal and overall appearance of this NoHo structure. The new façade incorporated an energy efficient envelope with a new cool membrane roofing, double pane windows, and solid core doors.

The modernization transcended to the inside with the renovated lobby and access corridors too which complements the new NoHo architectural vibe and eclectic environment.

The contemporary styling was echoed inside where the interior units were fitted with hardwood floors throughout, energy star stainless steel appliances, granite counter-tops. All new cabinetry and completed with a fresh new color palette.

All the units are moderately priced for the newly classified executive luxury complex. These select improvements to the complex assisted to improve the building architecture from the outside to the inside. Amongst a very competitive local rental market it was 100% leased within one week of its listing posting!

These are just a few photos of the renovation stages for you to enjoy from the Computer Generated Renderings to Conceptual Design, thru Construction to Final Construction.

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