Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. brought to life the architectural landscape of a newly renovated historical, upscale hospitality destination located in Bel Air, California. Originally developed as a hide-a-way oasis within the city, it has notably served the rich and the famous.  The grounds of the property are truly considered a botanical garden enriched with over 100 varieties plant species, most of which are very rare. The lush garden features waterfalls, koi ponds, and a wonderful swan lake. This entrancing scenery can be viewed from the several five-star restaurants and luxurious villas located on the property.

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. was commissioned to develop three-dimensional imagery that integrated the refurbished Spanish   colonial architecture with the water features and the new and existing landscape.

T8 T3

Integrating the rich history of the property with the sophisticated new features that highlighted the organic computer generated imagery was a rewarding challenge for Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. exemplifying our technological advances in three-dimensional design and animation.

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