Completed Interior of Candid Intimates Retail Store
Architectural Design by Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.

Candid Intimates is a new intimate apparel retailer that provides a platform for what women aspire to be: beautiful, sophisticated, confident, and self-aware. Candid offers quality garments that provide the right fit without sacrificing personality or attitude—where style is about the individual, not the industry. By supporting the different stages of a woman’s life, Candid embraces the sexiness and softness of her curves while illuminating her intelligence, strength, willpower and conviction.

Conceptually drawn up from the idea of individualism, seduction, and the essence of feminine mystique, Candid is a visual gem that entices the customer and embraces the infinite variations of a woman’s body. The artistic ambiance seduces its audience and creates a purchase that is a moment of empowerment rather than a compromise to the mass production of necessity. The smooth curved surfaces and soft colors capture attention and create a sense of intrigue. The Candid design complements its vast collection of merchandise, combining high quality, distinctive finishes that symbolize confidence and style.

Completed Exterior of Candid Intimates Retail Storefront
Architectural Design by Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. developed the prototype design consisting of strong identity branding with soft lines and distinct traffic patterns. The fixtures were finished in pearl white with velvet upholstered display surfaces to create a dynamic backdrop for the colorful merchandise line. The store architecture encompasses a modern tone with classic underlying accents. The design language boasted contemporary with the artesian styling, accenting their product line of new fashion styling with old world craftsmanship. Candid Intimate is scheduled to open its first three locations in the first quarter of 2011 followed by six more by year end.

The brand is an expression of self-determination, Candid Intimate is a place for girls to come into their own and for women to step into the spotlight—from the college student preparing to take on the world to the executive businesswoman ready to revolutionize it. Candid is for the woman who says “I CAN, I will, I am, and I DID.”

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