In today’s challenging economy, many retail business owners are looking to re-evaluate costs in order to increase their profits. Retail kiosks (or Retail Merchandising Units) of different sizes and shapes have become popular among many business owners.

Street Corner Retail Kiosk
Architectural Design by Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.

Take the Street Corner snack kiosk (pictured above) for example. This 150 square foot kiosk allows mall-goers to grab a quick snack while shopping. Street Corner is a retail business which decided to construct a kiosk within in a common mall area. Their kiosk helps with gaining customer foot traffic to their business and the location is perfect, especially for snacks!

These RMU’s have become the “in between.” The retail units allow vendors to save money, in that they provide a professional retail store feel without the costs and commitment of a storefront or large anchor store. On the other hand, they are not as temporary as small mall carts.Retail kiosks’ lower costs provide opportunities to owners of growing businesses to purchase multiple locations in large malls. In response to the economic recession, kiosk rent has also fallen. Typically kiosk monthly rent will start at $1,000 and exceeds $10,000 a month in the best mall locations. The RMU’s central mall location also maximizes customer traffic. Retailers who have focused on smaller, stand-alone units are growing.

Mall owners are also benefiting from the outburst of kiosk businesses. The building of retail merchant units in the “free space” of the mall generates additional revenue for mall owners. According to the Los Angeles Times, “It [kiosk ownership] is a $12-billion industry in the U.S.”

Notice in the photos below that Potato Corner decided to construct a 250 square foot kiosk as the operations of their food business within empty mall space. The after effect allows a profitable business to generate revenue literally out of thin air!

Before and After Potato Corner Retail Kiosk
Architectural Design by Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. Architectural Design by Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.

These economic moves mark a new direction for retail architecture. Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. has custom designed kiosks for various retailers located in major mall centers in Southern California.

Another Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. retail kiosk client is Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. This 200+ million dollar a year specialty retailer has branched out to multiple locations in the kiosk world.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Retail Kiosk Construction Period

Completed Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Specialty Retail Kiosk
Architectural Design by Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.

Pictured above is an example of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf taking advantage of open space within an outdoor mall outlet. The 300 square foot spectialty drink kiosk is continually generating revenue for the company, franchise and mall owners. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf company is the largest now than it has ever been and cotinues to grow.

The retail kiosk phenomenon is growing at a rapid pace with many businesses and setting a new path in the design and fabrication of retail architecture.

The newest of Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. kiosk work is Mikawaya; a Japanese specialty dessert kiosk for various mall-goers to enjoy!

Mikawaya, Mall, Kiosk, Specilaty, Retail, Dessert, Japanese
Architectural Design by Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.
Mikawaya, Japanese, Dessert, Specialty, Retail, Mall, Kiosk, Mochi
Architectural Design by Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.

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