Major mall developers are rapidly creating family-friendly shopping experiences. This new twist includes family-friendly amenities such as; family lounges, private nursing areas, baby changing stations, indoor/outdoor play spaces and family restrooms.

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.

Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.

Some larger retail locations are also implementing family dining, family parking, play houses and often times even live entertainment; which encourages those online shoppers to visit the mall and join in on the activities.

Retailers such as Westfield, Nordstrom and Macerich are promoting family shopping programs as well such as; the free shopping program, WFamily, at Westfield or the “1st Walker Experience” at Nordstrom which offers a free pair of shoes to parents who bring their little ones in to their department stores to get their feet measured.

These family amenities are making things a little easier for parents by saving time and money and adding more fun for their kids which, in turn, is rapidly increasing mall traffic than ever before.

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