Many homeowners seeking larger homes are finding little on the market that seems a good value. Unable to find houses meeting their requirements, they are pulling equity out of their current homes to expand them. Part of the reason homeowners are deciding to remodel their current home is that they are passionate about their neighborhood and neighbors, they also love their schools. These are the ‘known’ elements for most. The low interest rates and increasing demands for household space with low construction costs, along with specific owner needs and desires have ignited the custom home development market. Many of these homes are the maximum height and size allowed.

Low interest rates and lack of inventory continue to make new construction a very popular cost effective option allowing homeowners the ability to build their dreams in neighborhoods once considered out of their budget. We see many projects often demolishing the existing home and building completely new or maintaining a small portion of the existing to qualify for remodel and avoid some of the additional permit fees and taxation.

Calabasas Living Room Completed.EditedFamilyroom10.a Calabasas

New construction allows homeowners to customize every feature to fit their lifestyle and satisfy their dreams. Low construction material costs allow homeowners to build homes less expensive than they can buy and feature the room size and layouts they desire. It also offers homeowners an opportunity to build green with energy saving appliances, high efficiency windows, doors and insulation along with water saving fixtures which help reduce utility cost and typically offer governmental rebates. Storm water runoff can be diverted into landscape irrigating systems and help reduce water usage offering significant savings and increased resale value.

Ryans Virtual Design allows homeowners to build their dream home in cyberspace. This design tool allows clients to visualize their projects from concept to creation at a fraction of the cost prior to construction.

Ultimately the cost effective decision between remodeling or buying new, may depend on how long you plan to stay in the house. Remodeling or building new will benefit most homeowners who elect to stay in the house for an extended period of time and want it to better meet their needs in their current neighborhoods that they trust. These energy efficient new or remodeled homes can offer a greater value and equity win fall as homeowners take advantage of rising housing market and selling a relatively new home later significantly more than it cost to build or using the equity for other investments.

The continued approval and construction of these lot scraps and new custom home construction has initiated legislature to restrict the size and design in some areas that appear to be out of character to the adjacent neighborhood. This anti-mansionization ordinance has taken hold of new and major remodel and threatens tougher measures for proposed multi-story structures. These measures have prompted homeowners to take the plunge and build based on old code guidelines before new legislature restrictions prevent what was once right to code a planning department violation.

Ryans Virtual Design allows clients to visualize their projects from concept to creation.

These are just a few photos of the renovation stages for you to enjoy from our
Computer Generated Conceptual Design Renderings.

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