Major mall developers, corporate offices, commercial buildings and public spaces, such as airports, museums and theaters just to name a few are now creating family-friendly restroom areas, known as Family Lounges. This new trend has evolved out of the requests from young new families just spending the day at the mall, and needing some private areas that these typical spaces previously did not offer. Families are finding Malls to be destination locations for social relief in secure facilities catered to their specific family needs. Families can comfortably spend multiple hours a day while keeping their children engaged and safe in these designated areas.

This new Family Friendly trend has evolved into implementing other amenities such as family dining, family parking, designated play areas and often times even live entertainment; which encourages those online shoppers to visit the mall and join in on the activities. Retailer Developers such as GGP, Westfield, Macerich and Simon, as well as major retailers like Nordstrom and Macy’s are promoting family shopping experiences.

This new twist for spacious family-friendly facilities is very helpful for parents of opposite sex children, such as a father with a young daughter, or a mother with young sons and are also a convenient option for individuals with special needs. They feature secure areas for toddlers and private rooms for nursing mothers. This has proven to be a true benefit for single parent shoppers with multiple children, providing a secure area while offering private rooms with audible cognition and visual security of siblings with a secure place to unleash some of that childhood energy.

Ryans Virtual Design worked with Mall Developers to design and develop these Family Friendly destinations. Comfort and safety were the main elements of the family friendly lounge design. The comfortable and functional layout enhances the modern, simple and elegant bathroom design for toddlers during potty training transition. RVD incorporated modern bathroom design concepts that include child height friendly sinks, toilets, and baby changing stations require a thoughtful , delicate approach and strong physiological consideration. They must offer a low maintenance, sterile, germ free environments while maintaining an inviting colorful child friendly atmosphere. These family lounges are also accounting for disabled parents providing fully accessible accommodations for physically challenged parents and children, radically changing a trip to the loo for the better!

The décor is maintenance free, colorful, fun, light and inviting for all ages, many include colorful wall murals, playful visuals, interactive toys and child scaled furniture to accommodate the younger children while giving the adult a clean space they can appreciate. The goal of these facilities are to provide Parental relief in a safe yet inviting child friendly environments. According to JCDecaux of North America “Shopping Malls have become the most frequented location for Americans after home and work”. Most American families will spend two to three hours each visit and often include dining, making the Mall a very important component in America’s social experience. Many Developers now recognize that many of their future customers will be born from these child friendly social destinations. Parents can witness their child’s development from diapers to potty training, and Disney Store interest to Forever 21 obsessions, evolving to teens gathering place with friends for hours.

The use of 3D modeling was a valuable tool for this projects development allowing Developers to effectively validate proper room allocation and material selections. Ryans Virtual Design utilized this design tool which allowed Executive Staff to visualize the project’s conceptual design at a fraction of the cost prior to construction. The Client was able to explore multiple color palettes and make many visual modifications prior to construction by use of this technology. It also assisted the contractors and fabricators bidding process while enforcing the projects design intent and identified value engineering options for the finish and material selections. The overall experience has proven to be a rewarding and successful compliment to these Family Lounges. view_A

These are just a few photos of the projects developmental stages

for you to enjoy.

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