When it comes to remodeling or buying,

many people are on the fence of which one to choose.

It’s simply more than just deciding between Italian tile or Chinese porcelain

tile; between contemporary or country style kitchen; between marble or

granite, real wood or laminate wood. Opting to rebuild or remodel rather

than buy is a big decision. So before you pick a builder or sign on that dotted

line, examine the option of designing and building in cyberspace

construction. You can analyze the pros and cons at fraction of the cost,

then focus on what will ultimately benefit you.

should you REMODEL or BUY

For those who love the thought of having a custom home built to suite their

needs, there’s probably nothing better than doing so. In today’s market

remodeling a home can definitely be a financial win fall. In fact, the

intelligent owner, conscious of how much they invest in a major remodel can

double their investment in home equity.


1. With virtual reality software, Ryans Virtual Design can help you visualize your home with your specific tastes and personal touches before it is built.

2. The cost of demolishing or remodeling your home is less than you may think. The national average cost of a major remodel is at a historic low, with low interest rates, depressed construction cost and governmental rebate programs offering many incentives. This cost is of course based on location, size of the house, and other factors.

3. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found the average cost of rebuilding a new single-family home totaled approximately 250K to 350K.

4. Many homeowners are opting for second story additions to maximize square footage with out loosing recreational yard space.

5. No need to do research on new schools or desirable neighborhoods.

6. You and your family can continue enjoying those
holiday bar-b-que’s with the neighbors!


1. It can take months to build a home and temporary housing may be required during the construction period. An average home remodel can take up to six months to complete.

2. A complete tear down or major remodel of the house requires a lot of invested time, pre-planning and solidifying project finishes can help expedite construction time and minimize change orders.

3. Site preparation when beginning construction can require unforeseen city permit requirements and pre-existing electrical and plumbing issues.

4. Most first-timers don’t understand the costs needed to invest in remodeling their existing home which is where Ryans Virtual Design
can come in and walk you through the entire process
from concept design to final construction.

For some people buying an existing or new home rather than remodeling is

often the more sensible proposition. In fact, in a perfect world, buying your

dream home can be as simple as picking up milk at your local grocery store.

All you have to do is grab your local real estate book, contact the listed realtor

for the property, and have your offer accepted…that’s in a perfect world.

However in reality, there are a lot of factors to consider and what will offer

the most return on investment and that decision depends on how long you

plan to stay in the house. Hence, if you plan on staying in the house for five to

ten years, remodeling or building new will benefit you as a homeowner.


There are certain key features that should be considered for resale.

Remodeling Magazine indicated that you’re more likely to get back what you

spend on basic home maintenance such as new siding and energy efficient

windows. According to this study, siding and window replacement can

recoup about 93% of its cost. Replacing roofs were also high on the list,

returning about 80%. Another home improvement likely to return more at

resale was kitchen and bath remodel, which returned about 94%. at

resale. In fact, the kitchen and bath are areas where you can tell if

if money has been well spent or not because these areas are the most

expensive rooms of the home in terms of construction. In addition, they’re

where people spend more time in their home.

All these factors are based on the market value of houses in your immediate

neighborhood and the housing market where you live. So if you’re not

planning to move in the near future, invest your money on remodeling in a

way that you’ll most enjoy because in all honesty, for most homeowners,

home improvement isn’t just about return on your investment; it is also

simply about making dreams come true. Ryans Virtual Design allows clients

to visualize their projects from concept to creation

at a fraction of the cost prior to construction.

We offer ideas that suit your home wish list, your

neighborhood and your budget. Keep in mind that a successful renovation

is a team effort between Owner, Architect/Designer and Contractor.

Whether you use your own imagination or employ our professionals

to assist you, renovating is the secret to a beautiful and

comfortable home without the need to relocate!



I had an idea of adding a master suite to my 1950’s bungalow style home in the View Park community of Los Angeles. I must tell you I first had this idea in 2011, but it did not materialize until 2014 when a friend recommended Ray. I had shopped around for architects over the years, but none made me feel more comfortable than Ray Ryans. Ray not only designed a master suite, but in the end he redesigned my entire house; so my simple room addition became a major remodel. Talk about stress, at times I thought I would walk away from the whole thing. But Ray with his staff at Ryans Virtual Design at times held my hand every step of the way. Not only did he spend many long hours in the planning phase, helping me understand; what’s and why’s of building design and code. He and his staff were there during the entire project. Ray took a homeowner remodeling novice and gave me the tools and confidence, to let him create a home behind anything I first imagined. I recommend Ray to all my family and friend that have any and all types of projects, from home remodels to designing their new business offices; Ryans Virtual Design Architecture Firm consistently gives
them the same trustworthy, professional and friendly service I received.
~Charles Harper

“Ray Ryans of Ryans Virtual Design, Inc. was the architect for our complete home renovation.
After our initial and enjoyable meeting with Ray, he helped us with the overall design of our new house,
guided us through the process of contractors, provided us with extensive 3-D modeling of his design to realize our vision, and remained involved during the construction phase until completion of our gorgeous new home.
It’s rare, we think, to find an architect who possesses the qualities needed to both design a tastefully re-constructed house, but also be patient, courteous, super creative and supportive during the entire build of your house.
Ray Ryans did an outstanding job on our house. He realized in every way possible the potential we imagined for our 70 year-old home. Ray added over 600 sq. ft. of extra space, re-configured the entire layout of the house,
and managed to incorporate not only everything we dreamed of having, but so much more that we never thought possible. The larger rooms now are beautiful, light, open, intelligently realized, and so completely creative,
while at the same time managing to be warm and personal and functional. Ray helped us get the house we dreamed of having! Because this is the first time we have done a home renovation, it meant a great deal to us
that Ray shared a vision for our house – in terms of its practicality due to our young child,
but also beauty and potential. On all three accounts, Ray was equal to the task!
We particularly love the gorgeous open kitchen, high-arched ceiling in the media room, a stunning new master suite, and large open spaces so fantastic that we don’t know yet what to do with all of them!!
We recognize that many architects could have designed our house. But what Ray Ryans of Ryans Virtual Design can offer is a passion for your home, and a promise that he is equal to the task of fulfilling its promise in the absolute standard of honesty and integrity to which he clearly holds himself.
It was said once, “There is a magic in that little word, home; it is a living mystical circle that surrounds,
comforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits; “Well, if this is true, our home thanks Ray Ryans from the bottom of its heart. And so do its happy owners!!
~Ethan & Dee Lawrence


Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.
217 West Alameda Avenue, #203
Burbank, CA 91502

Ryans Virtual Design allows clients to visualize their projects from concept to creation.

Wish to see more Projects by Ryans Virtual Design, Inc.
Visit us @ Ryans Virtual Design Inc., LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Houzz, YouTube, Twitter and Yelp .


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