With the ever evolving times, women have become more independent. They have ventured away from the house to focus on their careers and to socialize. Women, just like men, have discovered that they too need a home away from home. However, lounges and bars, though amazing for girl’s night out, can be overwhelming and tiring. These modern females want a place where they can get pampered, relax, step away from the daily hassles of life and talk.


That being said the Nail Garden Franchise along with
Ryans Virtual Design Inc., combined the ambiance of a lounge
with a female’s desire to feel special. What they came up with is a highly modern nail bar, an oasis where females can leave the house for a whole day of pampering and just to have girl’s day out.


Just like the men’s barbershop, today’s modern day nail bar has become a place where females of all ages congregate to. It has become a place where certain taboo topics are spoken freely and with so much detail that men are left blushing. In addition, the club-like feel of the nail bar has given women an artistically crafted cocktail that appeals to their sensitive female senses:
sight, touch, and taste. The white plush chairs, modern furniture,
and high-vaulted ceilings, along with the soft tones, cool and calm guests and makes them feel like they’re in a spa hanging out with the girls.
Combined with the bar area, all they want to do is kick off their shoes
and relax their feet with a drink in hand.


Due to the constant expectations they set for themselves in addition to the everyday responsibilities family, work, and life tasks them with, they want and need this weekly get away. Be it to recuperate, to unwind, to recharge,
or to just relax, these ladies want to get out of the house.
And what better place than a beautifully crafted area that was designed to make women feel happy and relaxed.


Using that as a focus point, Ryans Virtual Design Inc. has helped Nail Garden develop a franchise prototype design, working drawings, specifications, and concept updates to their growing franchise nail bars located throughout Los Angeles and Ventura County while at the same time maintaining consistency throughout the Nail Garden building roll-out program. This is evident as seen in the spaces built which are both aesthetically pleasing and budget conscious.


Furthermore, Ryans Virtual Design Inc. worked closely with Nail Garden to understand their requirements and help them best achieve their franchise roll-out expansion goals efficiently and on schedule, while maintaining a high level of quality. In addition, due to years of experience with prototype roll-out construction, the team of Ryans Virtual Design Inc. has given Nail Garden the ability to quickly adapt prototypes to each location’s specific requirements. In fact, they still work continuously with Nail Garden to improve existing store concepts and refine future building designs while maintaining their specific criteria and brand identity: provide clients indulgent nail care in a warm atmosphere.


So no matter why they go and whom they go with, the nail spa has become a go-to place for the women of today and will continue to be a go-to place as long as the people of Nail Garden keep selling what women want:
comfort and luxury at a reasonable price.

NAIL SPA RULES: What happens in the nail salon stays in the nail salon.


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